Batteria industriale LiFePO4 - Serie CL

Decent industrial LiFePO4 battery is complete maintenance-free and has as many as 6000 cycle life (100%DOD). It is significantly lighter than traditional lead-acid battery and has a much lower annual self-discharge rate.


Compacty&Light Weight: 70% smaller than an equivalent lead-acid battery

High ease of useLight weight, small size, can be recharged quickly

High price/performance ratio50% cost lower than SLA battery(Full life)

Top performanceDeep discharge (100%) without any negative effects

Reliable&Long lifeBuilt-in abuse protection (BMS) &service life 10 years

Warranty: 5 years


Solar Energy Storage

UPS or Emergency Power Backup systems

Surveillance and Alarm Systems

Electric Vehicles, Scooters, Leisure Activities 

Medical Equipments

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