How To Solve the Problem of Solar Panel Shading?

2024-06-20 15:54:37

What should be paid attention to during the installation and use of solar panels? This seemingly simple thing is often overlooked by many friends in actual operation. Today it is very necessary to explain the three major issues that need to be paid attention to when installing and using solar panels.

What are the main obstructions of solar panel photovoltaic power stations?
These obstructions of solar panels are kit mainly distributed in trees and vegetation, buildings, natural terrain, dust, dirt, bird droppings, fallen leaves, and natural terrain common in mountainous areas around photovoltaic power stations.
During the long-term use of solar panel photovoltaic systems, it is inevitable that flying birds, dust, fallen leaves and other obstructions will fall, and these obstructions will form shadows on the solar cell components. Don’t think that there will be no obstruction during the survey. Some trees may not obstruct the photovoltaic array, but after several years of growth, new branches and leaves may become obstruction sources. Other buildings here include neighboring buildings located on site, especially newly built buildings, which are likely to become areas suitable for installing photovoltaic systems at present.

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What effects will the obstruction of solar panels have?
When the solar panel assembly is blocked, it will induce the bypass protection element in the junction box behind it to start. The DC current of up to 9A in the assembly string will be instantly loaded on the bypass device, resulting in an increase in the product of the local current and voltage of the solar cell assembly, which will cause a local temperature rise on these battery assemblies and a high temperature of more than 100 degrees in the junction box. This phenomenon is called the "hot spot effect". This high temperature has little effect on the solar panel kit and the junction box in the short term, but if the shadow effect is not eliminated and exists for a long time, when the hot spot effect reaches a certain level, the solder joints on the assembly will melt and destroy the grid line, resulting in the scrapping of the entire solar cell assembly. Obviously, blocking seriously affects the service life of the junction box and the solar panel, and seriously affects the power generation and reduces the income.
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How to solve the problem of solar panel blocking?
1. Plant blocking: In the survey and installation, the growth year of the plant should be fully considered, and whether the shade and branches and leaves will cause blocking. If there is any blocking, it can be cut down.
2. Corner protection blocking: Corner protection blocking also exists on site, but the number is not large, and the corner protection will generally be removed directly.
3. Terrain differences: Here, the terrain differences should take into account whether the north-south and east-west directions of the components will cause shadows; the heights of different sub-arrays in the same row will cause shadows; and the shadows between floors should also be considered.
4. Mud, bird droppings, sand and dust will block the components after the power station is built, which requires regular inspection and cleaning.